Our Story

Hyp Lyfe (pronounced Hip Life) is the brand for the upscale urban professional. Hyp Lyfe features apparel and accessories with designs influenced by the juxtaposition of high-end fashion, art and street culture. Utilizing bold graphics and a variation of creative influences, Hyp Lyfe embraces individuality without sacrificing quality or style. 


We grew up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, affectionately now known as the DMV, during the 80’s and 90’s. During this, the area was then known as the murder capital. Drugs and crime were a way of lyfe. Most had no choice but to adapt to the environment, for better or for worse. Some were lucky enough to escape and used what they learned on the street into legitimate businesses. 


One of the most popular legit businesses broken into in those days of the DMV were independent urban wear brands. One of the most famous being, The Madness Connection. The brand was synonymous with the DMV and was worn in the movie "School Dayz" by the DMV's own E.U. while they performed their smash hit Da Butt. Local urban wear brands were a staple of the DMV throughout the 80s and 90s. As the city began to change due to gentrification amongst other things, urban wear stores began to die off. We here at Hyp Lyfe are determined to bring the urban wear brand back to lyfe but with an upscale twist. Also, more marketable and reflective of the "new'" DMV.


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Our Style

Hyp Lyfe is a unique specialty select boutique site that creates and fulfills the demand for new and established street, fashion, and sportswear that influence and inspire. We showcase styles that tap into the creative independent spirit of the counterculture.

 We will have the best selection of the latest and most cutting-edge streetwear. We have something for everyone who strives to be an individual, and expresses their personality through their sense of style! 


On some of our garments, you might see logos that we have “borrowed”—or maybe stolen—and given our own twist. We felt that some brands only catered to people with a certain lifestyle—or with rather large bank accounts. So we took what they made and crafted it to fit our taste. In all honesty though... that’s not what counts. What really counts is that we wanted to make some really hot clothes, for him and maybe even her. 

Vintage and Pre-Owned Sales


At Hyp Lyfe we also sell Top designer Men's pre-owned and vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. Hyp Lyfe is keeping true to the name by carrying respected high end designers at a fraction of retail cost. At Hyp Lyfe, shoppers can find labels such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Polo and many more. All items sold have been professionally cleaned prior to being resold.


Due to the nature of the pre-owned and vintage items we sell, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on these items. Accurate measurements/sizing/descriptions of items are provided to properly inform shoppers about our items.  We are unable to allow returns/exchanges based upon sizing/color etc.