Is PYREX VISION Cookin In The Kitchen Again?

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Is PYREX VISION Cookin In The Kitchen Again?

Is Virgil Abloh bringing PYREX VISION back? As part of his continuing collaboration with the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Virgil has released two new Tees. One of the shirts appears to pay tribute to PYREX VISION, Abloh’s first clothing line.

PYREX VISION boasted a small collection of Champion tees, hoodies, basketball shorts, socks, and flannel shirts, plastered in collegiate lettering and Renaissance artwork. Now the “Figures of Speech” tees evoke a very similar inspiration. One tee has a black and white Renaissance painting printed on a Champion blank. On the rear, the T-shirt features text about the exhibition and a  “23” in PYREX VISION lettering.

The second T-shirt features red dotted lines over the exhibition title on the front and an index and glossary on the rear. The pieces are $150 and $67, respectively. Head to the MCA Chicago website for your chance to cop the collection.



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