BAPE x Medicom Toy SS19 Capsule

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BAPE x Medicom Toy SS19 Capsule

BAPE and Medicom Toy have revealed all the items in their forthcoming capsule. The collection will include a range of graphic T-shirts, a Shark Hoodie, and a pillow. Each item is dressed in a special camo print created especially for this capsule which blends Medicom Toy’s logo and BAPE’s Ape Head insignia with red, yellow and blue tones. In terms of graphics, the T-shirts feature either a print of the BE@RBRICK, a Medicom Toy logo colored in with the special camo print, and an Ape Head taking on the appearance of a BE@RBRICK. The graphic tees are available in either black or white.

Over on the Shark Hoodie, the bold tri-colored print dresses the item from top-to-bottom, while signature details such as the tiger-printed “a” and “WGM” lettering can be found on the hood. Additionally, BE@RBRICK ears have been placed on top for an added effect.

The full Medicom Toy x BAPE capsule, including the BE@RBRICK, will launch Saturday, August 3 at BAPE retailers,, Medicom Toy retailers, and The BE@RBRICK will come in three different sizes of 100%, 400% and 1000% and retail for $18, $92 and $554 USD.


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