VIDEO: Kelly Oubre Jr.'s Style Inspiration | FITTED

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VIDEO: Kelly Oubre Jr.'s Style Inspiration | FITTED

Before you catch your favorite athlete's 'fit on the ‘gram, go behind-the-scenes to see the full arsenal at their disposal on the Uninterrupted show "FITTED." 

Washington Wizard, Kelly Oubre Jr. stops by and channels his inner Fresh Prince as he stays true to his New Orleans roots with iced out jewelry, the waviest jackets on the planet, and more. 

For the Washington Wizards' sixth man, fashion is not about dressing up to make other people think you're fashionable. It's about feeling good.

"I just create the wave," Oubre said. "I don't really follow anything. ... I don't get any inspiration from anywhere. It's just what comes from inside."

In his three years in the league, especially this year, Oubre's pregame outfits have become a sight to see.

"I prioritize basketball first," Oubre said, "but when I can go and do some things that have to do with fashion, which I love, I go do it."

Originally from New Orleans, Oubre has embraced East Coast fashion. He said he doesn't do a ton of shopping, but when he does, he often shops online. While he has his fair share of designer clothing (and accessories, including a Rolex and prescription Cartier glasses), Oubre prefers thrift shopping.

He lists Urban Outfitters, Diet Starts Monday and Ubiq as his go-to stores in D.C.

"On the East Coast, people take their fashion pretty seriously," Oubre said. "People don't really care what other people are doing. That's why I really like it here. Because it's more hard-nosed, more gritty.
"You kind of have to make a name for yourself -- just for yourself. It's not for everybody else because nobody cares what you're doing. So that's why I just dress up every day. I gotta look stylish and fashionable every day because it makes me happy."

Oubre's nickname, "Wave Papi," is a persona all about believing in energy and not getting caught up in an egotistical world.

He plans to have his own fashion line, Dope Soul, up and running by the 2019-20 NBA season. The proceeds will go to an organization that benefits the community.

Check out Wave Papi's style and streetwear collection in the video above. Does he have supreme swag or nah?

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