VIDEO: LeGreatness: Lavar Ball and Kevin Hart Sit Down For "Cold As Balls" Interview

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VIDEO: LeGreatness: Lavar Ball and Kevin Hart Sit Down For "Cold As Balls" Interview

Lavar Ball and Kevin Hart Sit Down For the Inaugural Episode of "Cold As Balls."

Kevin Hart has begun a new interview series alongside Old Spice called Cold As Ballswhich premiered Wednesday on the Laugh Out Loud Network and is produced by OBB Pictures, where the comedian and special guest hosts Lil Rel and Terry Crews interview athletes and celebrities in an ice bath.

"Cold As Balls" captures everything Laugh Out Loud is about—comedy, edginess, and a unique inclusiveness," Hart said in a statement. "There’s something about the ice-cold water that brings out the funniest and most absurd side of these comedians and athletes."  

In their first episode, Ball pays a visit to Hart, who was previously expecting an interview with his son Lonzo.

The video begins with Hart (jokingly) complaining about being unable to book Lonzo, before delving immediately into an interview that words cannot do justice.

Highlights include LaVar revealing his least favorite son (sorry, LaMelo), his high school basketball stardom (we're still looking for some proof) and roughly a thousand GIF-able moments.

The video is eight minutes and 21 seconds long and includes LaVar making it rain in the credits after losing to Hart in an ice-bath shootout. 

LaVar also offered some wisdom on why he doesn't think the Los Angeles spotlight is too much for Lonzo.

"You can't get to this level all of the sudden and be a superstar. You got to be a superstar when you're this little," LaVar said, gesturing to about the height of the tub. "You gotta grow into that superstar—Lonzo's been a superstar all his life, so this is nothing new. How do you handle L.A.? How does L.A. handle us? We've been like this all the time."

Peep the full interview in the video above. #LeGreatness




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