Everybody Loves Jarrett

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Everybody Loves Jarrett

Friend to the Hyp Lyfe family, Jarret Jack is a well known and respected figure amongst the sports and entertainment world. Players love to play with him, coaches treat him as a second coach on the floor and your favorite rappers love to chill with him. He's also the person Kevin Durant called before deciding to go to the Warriors. Why is that you ask? Bleacher Report tried its hand at finding out.

"Like, you go over to his house and 2 Chainz will be there, and it's like, 'Bro, who the f--k are you?'" said Jack's longtime friend and current Knicks teammate Michael Beasley, a fellow native of the DMV. Beasley's far from the only NBA player with this sort of story about Jack.

"You can't find many people that Jack don't know. Everybody loves him," said Draymond Green, who still considers Jack a close friend and is quick to point out that he purchased his first car, a Range Rover because Jack drove one. Actually, Jack sold Draymond his old Range Rover and picked up a Fisker. 

Nets forward DeMarre Carroll said Jack once invited him over to his Atlanta home for a Floyd Mayweather bout. He showed up and "everyone from the NBA was there." Added Beasley: "It doesn't just extend to the NBA. Football players call him. Rappers call him, and not just calling him, they're like, 'Yo, I'm gonna be in town next month, what you doing?'"

Beasley's asked if he has a theory behind all this, an answer to the question why before and after Knicks games there's always a line of opposing players and coaches waiting to greet Jack. He proposes all the reasons you'd expect—that Jack is "genuine" and "good-hearted" and "giving." But then he shrugs his shoulders.

"Man," he said, "I've been trying to figure that out for years."

Peep the full article over at Bleacher Report. 

Also, Jack is known for his extensive sneaker collection, be on the lookout for the Hyp Lyfe video documentary on that coming soon. 


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