Jay-Z Has $91,135 Bar Tab, Tips 11 Grand

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Jay-Z Has $91,135 Bar Tab, Tips 11 Grand

Jay-Z had one expensive night out in Manhattan on Sunday, dropping more than $110,000 to celebrate the birthday of Juan “OG” Perez, his close friend and president of Roc Nation Sports.

Jay took his friend and business partner OG Juan and a group of Roc Nation execs to Zuma in Midtown for dinner, picking up the tab of $13,000.

Then the group headed uptown to Made in Mexico in Inwood, spending $9,000 on drinks, including Jay’s D’Ussé cognac, followed by a stop at nearby nightclub Playroom, where they ordered and paid full price for 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne.

The Playroom server posted Jay’s check — which came to a whopping $91,135, including an epic $11,000 tip — on Snapchat. Some are saying that the tip is kind of short, being as though 15% of $91k is over $13k. Either way, I'm sure the server will take that $11K to the bank.








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