Jay-Z and Beyonce Now Worth Over A Billion Dollars

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Jay-Z and Beyonce Now Worth Over A Billion Dollars

Power couple Beyoncé & JAY-Z continue to grow their fortune. Forbes Magazine reports that the pair has a combined net worth of $1.25 billion USD. Beyoncé tips the scales at $355 million USD while JAY-Z brings in more than "half a billi" with $900 million to his name.

"My great-great-grandchildren already rich," the songstress explains on "Boss," the third track on Everything Is Love, her new album with husband Jay-Z. "That's a lot of brown children on your Forbes list."

Forbes explains that Beyoncé sells more albums and draw larger crowds than her husband but that JAY-Z has proven himself as a savvy investor and businessman with his Tidal streaming service valued at about $600 million USD, with a new venture fund is set to bring in even more cash among his many other investments.

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