Diddy Is Doing It For The Culture On The Cover Of Variety Magazine

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Diddy Is Doing It For The Culture On The Cover Of Variety Magazine

Diddy graces the cover of Variety Magazine to discuss the hot-button topics of race and the central paradox of modern African-American enterprise — in which black popular culture is as ubiquitous as ever, yet so many old obstacles to black financial autonomy remain in place.

In the issue, Diddy discusses the industry’s lack of investments.

“You have these record companies that are making so much money off our culture, our art form, but they’re not investing or even believing in us,” says Combs of hip-hop’s commercial dominance, especially through streaming.

“For all the billions of dollars that these black executives have been able to make them, [there’s still hesitation] to put them in the top-level positions. They’ll go and they’ll recruit cats from overseas,” he continues. “It makes sense to give [executives of color] a chance and embrace the evolution, instead of it being that we can only make it to the president, senior VP. … There’s no black CEO of a major record company. That’s just as bad as the fact that there are no [black] majority owners in the NFL. That’s what really motivates me.”

Diddy also discusses Revolt, Ciroc, Aqua Hydrate, Apple Music, FOX competition show The Four, fashion, music, and more.

“I want to be perfectly clear: Revolt is not just a cable television network; that never was the plan,” he explains. “We were always social by design — multiplatform. People try to put it in boxes, and it’s not gonna be that. It’s gonna jump on your phone; it’s gonna be on all your screens. Linear cable is not the future; the future is in the actual brand being a multiplatform provider of premium content.”

Combs himself hasn’t released any albums since 2010’s “Last Train to Paris,” an electro-R&B concept album that garnered some of the best reviews of his solo career yet was also his most disappointing seller.

“Musically, that was the one that broke my heart, because I knew it was dope,” he says. “But that’s part of the game. You gotta have those. Throughout your career you should do things that you really, really believe in, and take a chance.”

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