Apple Launches Interest-Free iPhone Finance Program Using Apple Card

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Apple Launches Interest-Free iPhone Finance Program Using Apple Card

In its latest move to both push iPhone sales and increase adoption of the Apple Card, tech giant Apple has launched a financing program for purchases of its smartphones with the card. Apple is giving Apple Card users an extra perk with the introduction of interest-free, 24-month financing on iPhone purchases. It announced the move on its earnings call. Along with the three percent cashback, Apple Card offers on purchases from the company, that may seem a solid deal for folks who upgrade their devices often -- the people Apple is targeting with the financing option.

Many believe the current financing program to form the basis of what they call an “Apple Prime” subscription, whereby users can pay monthly for a bundle of both hardware and software services offered by Apple. It would include things such as AppleCare, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and Apple News+. The new subscription model may not be too far a stretch, as the company has already started experimenting with various bundles: students can now enjoy both Apple Music and Apple TV+ under one subscription that costs the same as Apple Music alone, and purchases of the Apple TV will give you access to its streaming service for one year, completely free.

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