Apple Card Now Offers 3% Cash-Back On Nike Purchases

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Apple Card Now Offers 3% Cash-Back On Nike Purchases

Nike has recently become the latest retailer to offer cash-back for Apple Card users, following select companies like Uber and T-Mobile stores. Now, when Apple Card users make an Apple Pay payment at Nike stores,, SNKRS, Nike Training Club, Nike Running Club, and the Nike app, they will be rewarded with a 3% cash-back rate.

According to an official press release from Apple, payments made to Nike via Apple Pay and the Apple Card will receive 3% Daily Cash, which is applied to the customer’s Apple Cash Card. Customers can instantly use their newly acquired funds to for other Apple Pay purchases, to send to family and friends or to put towards their Apple Card balance.

Apple initially stated that it would only reward Apple-related purchases with 3% back, Apple Pay transactions with two percent back and transactions made with the physical card with one percent back. However, Apple delighted fans during the card’s launch by stating it would open up its program to other retailers like Uber. Apple has confirmed that it will continue to add more Apple Card partners in the future.

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