VIDEO: Lil Nas X ft. Nas "Rodeo"

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VIDEO: Lil Nas X ft. Nas "Rodeo"

Lil Nas X brings the horror to the “Rodeo” in the video for his recent remix featuring Nas.

The “Rodeo” Remix music video revolves around a Thriller-esque timeline of after-dark dances paired with some overt The Matrix references after Lil Nas X is attacked by a zombie in a phone booth. Nas channels his inner Morpheus with a little bit of Wesley Snipes’ Blade thrown in for good measure in the wardrobe department. Lil Nas X also took to Twitter to let his fans know that he didn’t “kick” Cardi B off of the “Rodeo” music video, it just didn’t happen due to scheduling conflicts. The video’s story was written by the rapper himself and he tweeted out a photo carousel of its inspirations which you can see below.


Starring: Lil Nas X & Nas Story By: Lil Nas X & Bradley & Pablo Directors: Bradley & Pablo Production Company: PRETTYBIRD Cinematography: Pablo Berron Production Design: Greg Allen Lang Editor: Lauren Dellara Visual Effects: Chimney Strategic Partnerhips: Jen Frommer & Raquel Roberts Producers: Megan Gutman, Candice Dragonas, Chris Clavadetscher, Producer/Video Commissioner: Saul Levitz

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