VIDEO: J. Prince says Drake Was Going To End Kanye's Career

VIDEO: J. Prince says Drake Was Going To End Kanye's Career

If we are to believe what J. Prince is selling, the Drake and Pusha T beef seems to be over because Drake didn't want to end Kanye's career with his diss response to Pusha T's “Story of Adidon.”

“Oh no doubt about it… the ingredients were overwhelming. I know for a fact that it would’ve been bad for Kanye and my man [Pusha T],” said J. Prince. “It wouldn’t have been good, it’s beyond music at that point. It’s gonna affect the livelihood, it’s gonna interfere with his entire lifestyle from that day forward.”

Now why a response to Pusha T would end Kanye's career is beyond us, but J. Prince — who is the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records — In a new interview with Sway in the Morning, says he spoke to Kanye about the situation. He shares that Drake made a response to “Story of Adidon” but doesn’t want the song to be released because the beef will get too personal.

“After speaking with Kanye, I spoke with the brother…and he didn’t want this,” Prince shared. “I saw this going to a place that I feel would have ended his career if Drake would’ve put out this song that he had on him. It definitely would’ve hurt families and we’re not in it for that. That’s not Drake’s character to tear a man down to that extent.”

The hip-hop mogul says he enjoys a good rap battle but lines were crossed when family was name-dropped on diss songs. Pusha T sent shots at Drake’s family and the megastar’s alleged son in “The Story Adidon,” while Drake brought up Pusha T’s fiancee’s name in “Duppy Freestyle.”

A few days ago Kanye declared that the beef was “dead” on Twitter. Pusha T performed “Infrared” at the Governors Ball this past weekend.

So what do you think? Did Drake get scared and call in an OG for help? Or was he really gonna end Kanye's carer and decided not to because he's just to nice?

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