Prince Worked On Jonelle Monae's New Album & Single Before He Died

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Prince Worked On Jonelle Monae's New Album & Single Before He Died

Janelle Monae’s new single entitled “Make Me Feel” has drawn comparisons to the late great Prince, and it turns out there’s a good reason for that. Monaé recently told BBC Radio 1’s, Annie Mac,

“Prince actually was working on the album with me before he passed on to another frequency and helped me come up with sounds. And I really miss him, you know, it's hard for me to talk about him. But I do miss him, and his spirit will never leave me.”

Prince and Monae had a close working relationship before he died in 2016. “Make Me Feel” appears on Monae’s forthcoming album Dirty Computer. She also released a second single ahead of the album, “Django Jane.”

Prince’s DJ, Lenka Paris, let slip in a since-deleted Facebook post that she instantly recognized the “Make Me Feel” synth line as a Prince creation. Some time ago, she was playing a party for Prince when he put on a new groove on which he’d been working. “It was futuristic and so so good,” Paris wrote. “Last night I hear Janelle Monae’s new song. As soon as the synth came in, I went, ‘Oh shit! That’s it!’ He gave that to her.”




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