Cardi B's Ghostwriter Exposed. Do You Even Care Though?

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Cardi B's Ghostwriter Exposed. Do You Even Care Though?

April 6th, 2018 is the day we've all been waiting for. Cardi B‘s hotly anticipated debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ finally drops this week.

As we know of right now, the album is powered by its smash hit single ‘Bodak Yellow‘ and its follow-up ‘Bartier Cardi‘ which struggled to retain a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. On the other hand 'Be Careful‘ has already claimed the top spot on iTunes although the single has received mixed reactions from fans and non-fans all over the internet, and now the latter has incited even more controversy after digging up a video from 2017 that has everyone calling Cardi out for one of hip-hop’s most taboo practices: ghostwriting.

Following ‘Careful’s unveiling, a number of perplexed fans took to Twitter to share that they believed that they had heard the track before. Keen to find out why this may be the case? Minaj’s army of loyal supporters who, irritated by talk that their leader is threatened by Cardi’s popularity, threw on their sleuthing caps and set sail towards the truth.



Fortunately, this startling discovery is unlikely to disturb the unstoppable Cardi as a forthcoming movie, joint tour with Bruno Mars and flourishing relationship with Atlantic Records is set to see her popularity propelled to astronomical new heights this year.

Do You Even Care Though? Didn't we already know Cardi had ghost writers?

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